Resource Efficiency in SMEs: Policies, Instruments and Innovations 

With the Focus on the Surface Treatment Sector

22 November 2011, Poznań, Poland

POLEKO, 2nd floor, Blue Room



How can public institutions and associations support businesses in tapping the full potential of resource efficiency? How can innovations in the surface treatment sector contribute to improving resource efficiency? The panel provides a snapshot of activities and experiences from policy and businesses in the Baltic Sea Region


15:30 - 16:00      Registration and Coffee Break


16:00 - 17:30

  • EU 2020 Flagship Initiative: A Resource efficient Europe – Paweł Kazmierczyk, European Environment Agency
  • Towards a German Programme for Resource Efficiency, ProgRess – Janka CLAUDER, Federal Environment Ministry, Germany
  • Material Efficiency Center in Finland: ways to integrate material efficiency in company’s activities – Paula ESKOLA, Motiva Oy Material Efficiency Center
  • Resource efficiency innovations in the surface treatment in Denmark – rep from DTI
  • Resource efficiency innovations in the surface treatment in Sweden – Magnus KLINGSPOR, IVL, Sweden





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