ConVoco was a partner in the project BIOGASMAX: Biogas as vehicle fuel–Market Expansion to 2020 Air Quality contracted by the European Commission to an international consortium within the 6th Research Framework Programme of the EU. The responsibility of ConVoco was leading the Task 7.4 of the contract: “Knowledge Transfer to Polish and NMS Stakeholders”, carried out in the years 2006-2008; and Task 7.5 of the contract: “Knowledge Transfer to New Member States” carried out in years 2009 and 2010.  Within those tasks ConVoco organized open events (seminars and conferences) and carried out individual coaching for interested cities.  


ConVoco engaged other partners from the Biogasmax project to share their experience within those actions, among others:

- City of Bern;

- City of Stockholm;

-  University of Stuttgart ;

-  Fraunhofer Institute;


as well as experts from institutions from outside of the project, such as:

-  United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR);

-  International Association of Public Transport (SUTP);

- Transport Research Laboratory Ltd.;

- University of Southampton and

- DG MOVE, Unit for Clean Transport, Urban Transport & Intelligent Transport Systems.


The four main objectives of the BIOGASMAX project, which was carried out in years 2006 – 2010, were:

 - Objective 1: to prove the technical reliability, cost-effectiveness, environmental and societal benefits of biogas fuels;

 - Objective 2: to perform large-scale demonstrations to optimise industrial processes, experiment and benchmark new and near-to market techniques and expand biogas fleets;

 - Objective 3: to identify and assess ways to remove existing technical, operational, organisational and institutional barriers, which can inhibit or prevent alternative motor fuels and energy efficient vehicles from entering the market in significant quantities;

 - Objective 4: to widely spread knowledge about the demonstration experience and results to European cities and stakeholders in a transferable manner, with particular emphasis on New Member States, with training, decision tools and knowledge network support actions.