PILOT: Planning Integrated Local Transport: 2005-2007

Planning Integrated Local Transport: 2005-2007

Urban transport Policy and mobility planning imply choices that strongly affect society as a whole shaping envorinment, social and cultural future of our cities. Integrated planning processes still hampered by organisational division between transport modes, government agancies and serwices. Transport planning tends to be seen as technical task, lacking stakeholder participation and delivering only piecemeal measures.

ConVoco in PILOT:

  1. analyzed the national transport policy in the EU new member states
  2. developed methodology of the transport planning in cities with the focus on budgetary issues and action planning
  3. cooperated with the expert cities: Lille, the Haag, Bristol, Berlin and Köln.
  4. assisted the city of Tallinn (learning city) in the preparation of a Sustainable Urban Transport Plan
  5. helped Tallinn in the development of the public awareness strategies
  6. moderated knowledge exchange between the cities and carried out training