INTRASEA: Inland Transports on Sea Routes 2003-2006



INTRASEA is an interregional project developing the inland waterways in the Baltic Sea region with partners from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.
The INTRASEA project will be focusing on:

  1. Developing the EU transport policy regarding inland waterways
  2. Develop tools for economical and environmental justifications for infrastructure projects
  3. Developing the integration of spatial planning
  4. Networking for international sub-regional/European inland waterway cooperation
  5. and disseminating possibilities to use inland waterways for tourism

ConVoco in INTRASEA:

  1. worked together with the German, Russian and Scandinavian partners on the development of the vision on water transport in the BSR
  2. cooperated with harbour cities, water authorities and industry in the involved countries
  3. organized, carried out and moderated workshops in Poland and Germany
  4. evaluated the impact of the water transport on the regional development in Germany
  5. coordinated the project locally in the city of Berlin
  6. provided technical support to the city of Berlin