International Panel 

Innovations in the Bioenergy Sector: 

Innovative Approaches for Sustainability in Business


22 November 2011, Poznań, Poland 

POLEKO, 2nd floor, Blue Room


The joint panel of Bioenergy Promotion and SPIN Projects provides snapshots of innovative approach to business in the bioenergy sector from the Baltic Sea Region, with particular focus on biogas.

Among the speakers and the invited guests are businesses (operators and technology providers), representatives of municipalities, as well as European, national and local policy-makers. Discussed examples of business chains, and public-private cooperation link demand and supply in a sustainable way and create added values at local and regional levels.


09:00 – 09:30 Registration and Morning Coffee


09:30 11:45
Dr Daniel DeGraaf, Federal Environment Authority,Germany
Mats Rydehell, KanEnergi, Sweden 

  • Innovative Approach for Sustainability in Business: Maximized of Value Chains in the Bioenergy Sector Sylwia KLATKA, ConVoco Consulting for Sustainable Development, Poland
  • Micro-biogas grid Brunswick Verena STROOT, BS Energy, Germany
  • Creating Local Value Chains for Biogas Production and Use the case of the City of Gdynia
    – Marek STĘPA, Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdynia, Poland
  • Regional value chains of Biomass production and use from resource and climate efficient agriculture: a German Polish cooperation Lutz RIBBE, EuroNatur, Germany
  • Emerging biogas market in Latvia: experiences on national, regional and company level
    – Mārtiņš NIKLASS, ZAAO Energija, Latvia


12:00-12:30 POLEKO Pavilion 11 

Official Opening of the POLEKO Fair by the Minister of Environment Prof Dr Andrzej Kraszewski, 

Participants of this international pannel are invited to join the opening.



Following this event there will be a workshop on policy issues in the bioenergy sector <read more>



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