The mission of the project BIOGASMAX: Biogas as vehicle fuel–Market Expansion to 2020 Air Quality, was promotion of biogas as a vehicle fuel. Among many implemented actions were training and knowledge transfer. Within the project ConVoco has designed methodology for knowledge transfer, and lead the activities dedicated to the New Member States and the Neighboring Countries to the EU.


ConVoco was a partner in the contract with the European Commission,  with the responsibility of leading the Task 7.4 of the contract: “Knowledge Transfer to Polish and NMS Stakeholders”, carried out in the years 2006-2008, and Task 7.5 of the contract: “Knowledge Transfer to New Member States” carried out in years 2009 and 2010.  Within those tasks ConVoco organized open events (seminars and conferences) and carried out individual coaching for interested cities.

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    Bioenergy Promotion

    Bioenergy Promotion aim is to support the production and usage of bioenergy in the countries around the Baltic Sea. Our target in the field of energy is to transfer knowledge about technologies and promote exploitation of bio-energy. Sustainable development in the field of energy expects reduction of the amount of the energy used for public and private needs, increase of cleanness and efficiency of the acquiring the energy from renewable resources process, elimination of combustion of fossil fuels and popularization of waste incineration with energy recovery.

    The idea is to replace ecologically unfriendly solutions with the alternative energy sources.



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