Campaign for Sustainable Transport in Polish Cities


ConVoco together with Spektrum Foundation and with our Norwegian partner NORCONSULT coordinates the Project „Campaign for sustainable transport in polish cities”

In selected large Polish cities working groups on sustainable transport will be created and will work on chosen thematic areas with a goal to develop action plans for environmentally improved transport in the cities. Progress of the working groups will be supported by expertise from Norway, Sweden and Germany. Each of the participating cities will select a number of subjects to work on during the years 2009 and 2010, within the following thematic areas:

Theme 1: Renewable energy in transport: liquid bio-fuels
Theme 2: Biogas as a CO2 neutral transport fuel
Theme 3: Strategies for traffic management in cities (land use planning, infrastructural development, pricing strategies, access restrictions, car-pooling, car-sharing, Park&Ride)
Theme 4: Development of environmentally friendly transport modes (walking, cycling, public transport)
Theme 5: Environmentally sustainable transport planning in cities (SUTPs)
Theme 6: Green procurement in urban transport

We are interested in cooperation with experts and institutions who are willing to support the Polish cities on the way to environmental sustainability in transport. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact with us.


Campaign for Sustainable Transport in Polish Cities

Support provided by Island, Norway and Lichtenstein under the EEA Financial Mechanism
and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, as well as by national budgetary
resources of Poland, within the The Non-Governmental Organizations Fund