ConVoco Ltd. is a consulting company specialized in strategic urban transport and bio-energy projects. ConVoco engages in the economic and technological development of the cities of Central and Eastern Europe by introducing new technologies and innovative solutions with help of the European Union funding.

The name ConVoco* reflects the vision to bring together technologies, resources and people to implement together solutions for sustainable today and tomorrow.

Convoco Ltd.:

  1. Manages the project lifecycle from analysis and initiation of ideas, to consortium formation, proposal preparation, project management, evaluation, knowledge transfer;

  2. Manages international exchange of expertise, knowledge and best practice schemes;

  3. Helps cities in Poland and other countries in this part of Europe to implement advanced solutions for sustainable development;

  4. Addresses European project management, financial procedures and liaison with European Commission officials;

  5. Has an extensive network of contacts with European cities and experts for forming project consortia;

  6. Has extensive knowledge of European funding programmes and Commission funding requirements;

  7. Has international experience in the field of project marketing, events and training;

  8. Is based in Poznań, Poland, a city dedicated to the environment.


* convoco = to call together