Today’s society is under a tension between the industrial development, the demands of the civilisation and raising standards of life on the one hand; and the pressing need to protect the environment we all live in, on the other. 


Since 2003 ConVoco Ltd is actively involved in work with cities and the industry to find the balance between the opportunities brought by the former and the changes needed to achieve the latter. Both can be seen as the imperative of today. However, it is the balance between the two that is the prerequisite, if the generations to come are to have no worse prospects than we have today. Together with our clients and partners we work on developing, testing and implementing practical solutions for sustainable development.  


We focus on energy and transport strategies for urban areas. 


Our policy is to turn our customers into our partners. We support our partners in turning their ideas into international projects.


We help our partners to obtain financial support from the European Union for the implementation of their ambitious plans. We support them in the process of implementation, facilitate transfer of knowledge and promote the results of the international initiatives on which we work together.